IAPWA (International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals) is a UK registered charity dedicated to creating a better future for animals in need.

Our first project, established in 2009, is based in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo where we have a facility and team providing veterinary care and support to the regions 10,000 stray dogs.

In 2016 we established our second project in Romania where we aim to make a difference to the lives of many dogs including Spirit, who story is featured in the video on this page.

We have plans to expand further within 2017 and beyond, both through our own projects and in collaboration with other charities. With your support we can continue improving the welfare of animals worldwide.

Registered charity number: 1137532

IAPWA (International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals)

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IAPWA (International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals)


Our aim, with the support of animal lovers worldwide, is to change the lives of animals in need.

With your help we have been able to:

Build a facility for stray dogs in Borneo where we make a difference to the lives
of thousands of dogs who desperately need help
Establish our second project to help stray dogs in Romania
Assist a sanctuary in Malaysia to enrich the lives of many rescued sun bears
Provide hundreds of animals with veterinary care following extreme flooding in
Tanzania which left many needing emergency support
Provide assistance to a neutering and rabies vaccination programme in India
Be awarded ‘Charity of the Year’ at the UK Ceva Animal Welfare Awards and a
British Citizen award for International Achievement

With your help moving forward, we can:

Expand our work in Borneo and Malaysia to help even more dogs and also cats in need
Create change within the dog meat and fur trades
Establish a project helping animals in Nepal through a future planned collaboration
Support more charities and animals that need help worldwide