CPRE Kent is a charity that seeks to preserve our countryside from excessive development. We are part of the national charity but work independently to ensure that Kent remains as naturally beautiful as it has always been. We seek to provide creative solutions for planners so that development can take place, but in the correct places, where it will be most sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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Despite the smallness of our country, its high population density and widespread, intense pressure for development, we still have, in England, large areas of incomparably beautiful countryside. CPRE exists to protect our natural landscapes from destruction and degradation.

Established in 1926, CPRE is a registered charity with about 60,000 members and supporters. The charity operates as a network with over 200 district groups, a branch in every county, a group in every region and a national office. Over 2,000 parish councils and 800 amenity societies belong to CPRE. This makes CPRE a powerful combination of effective local action and strong national campaigning.