Age UK Enfield has been offering services to older people aged 50 and over in the London Borough of Enfield since 1985. The charity started life with a day centre and an Information service. It now has 13 services operating across the borough ranging from day care to exercise classes and is situated on two main sites as well offering services in community based settings.

Registered charity number: 1063696

Age UK Enfield

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Age UK Enfield

Who we are

We joined the newly merged Age UK charity (formerly Age Concern England and Help the Aged) as a brand partner in April 2011 taking the new name of Age UK Enfield. As a brand partner we are members of the Age UK Federation but it is important for people to know that the national charity does not fund the local services offered by Age UK Enfield.  We are a completely independent charity in our own right and we are responsible for raising funds locally and nationally just like any other independent charity.

What we do

The services and activities we offer have been developed over the last 30 years as a direct result of feedback received from local older people. This is our ethos and our aim is to provide as many services and activities as possible that meet the needs of our growing local older population. Funding constraints often mean we cannot offer as many as we would really like to and we know we are not yet successful in engaging with many older people in the northern and western parts of the borough which is something we will work to improve.